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A suggestimate is offered, where neither an estimate, nor a guesstimate is available.

To suggestimate, is to suggest an estimate.
A: What is your estimate on the cost of running the staff canteen this year.

B: I have no estimate on this as we do not know how many people will be sacked this year.

A: What about a guesstimate?

B: I absolutely cannot offer a guesstimate since I need at least a rough idea of how many staff we will have this year. Maybe you could suggestimate that for me.
#guess #estimate #suggest #guesstimate #estimation.
by Alan "Mighty Morto" Morton January 02, 2009
A mammy-jam is a traffic jam consisting almost entirely of, and caused by, women driving their children to and from school.
Boss: Why are you late for work?

Employee: Oh man, it's so frustrating. There's about three different schools on my route to work and I keep getting stuck in one mammy-jam after another.
#mammy #jam #school #traffic #late
by Alan "Mighty Morto" Morton January 02, 2009
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