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When the situation arises where you're visually blocked from the action and you have to terminate friend and foe in order to secure the objective for your team.
I had to baghdad coffin my comrade who had our flag along with the enemy flag carrier because they were in a close exchange of fire.
by Alan August 10, 2004
Causing a sheep to defeciate upon a famous landmark or historical monument
I went up the Auckland sky tower last night with a sheep and got holacolistic
by Alan June 15, 2004
a situation that is completely out of control
1) When pascal called louie fat, the situation turned spectorial
by Alan June 15, 2004
a very very short person (or other short object)
Ronald Reagan was such a jaunbrand.
His new girlfiend laughed when she saw the size of his penis - it was a jaunbrand.
by alan April 06, 2004
the most bodacious, radical, phat ass of the world
yo, im tryin to hit that bitch shenana, she got that shonquisha booty, homie
by alan September 27, 2003
one who snivles and gripes a lot
by alan April 16, 2003
a tall black kid that hangs out with queers like shawn coopass and levi
(3)gayo pass the mayo
by Alan April 28, 2005
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