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mackin on a woman with whom your only intentions are to score, (bang the hell out of) with.
Damn, Fred was jizzmackin' that babe so hard he almost got laid at the bar.
by alan March 29, 2004
a mans dick
D's man under the umbrealla is gigantic
by Alan October 14, 2003
It's when a long-running clubbing institution ends, and, the frontrunners of that institution don't realise it's all over. It's commonly identified by that phrase 'that is how it is now'.
alan: can't believe carpark is getting us to get him gear for his party.
rob-e: the young ones will look back on this day when more parked the shark..
alan: i guess that is how it is now...
#clubbing #jumped the shark #end of an era #institutionalise #carpark
by alan February 19, 2006
a retarded kid that smells like racid shit
god damn u smell like colon joe
by alan April 20, 2005
arabic slang word for testicles. often used to refer to someone as a testicle.
hey, whats goin on yaram.
by Alan February 09, 2005
Usually a loner, but not always.
Is mentally unstable and usually somebody who spends many hours playing FF11.
Refered to as a 'nub cake' or a 'n00b' on halo.
OmG ! got italaxed!11!!!1oneseven
by Alan January 07, 2005
like the mario-bros they also run around willy-nilly picking up gold coins that are 'just lying around', stomping on the local vegetation and blowing bubbles when they land in (deep) water.
I just can't get Schabir past the Scorpions-boss!
You need to use the silence power-up on the secretary first!
Damn! How am I gonna get my hands on all those zuma-dollars?
by alan October 21, 2004
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