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A pirate slap is a slap in which the knuckles are tightened and slightly curled, then powerfully swinging your arm outward and backhanding someone. Commonly used in a downward thrust to show that one is superior to another.
Pirate: Arr, cause it's good bitch! *Pirate Slap*
PETA Member: ='(
by Alan October 15, 2004
A guy that is a coding guru and good people.
'That Folken is such a coder man!'
by Alan January 11, 2005
soft-focus porn featuring better-looking girls then your regular gonzo romp, normally identified by the fact that there is no red 'rec' icon flashing in the corner of the screen. a close cousin of girlie house.
sheesh, i just wasted 900 megs downloading some girlie porn cause bruno wanted some. how will i ever be able to face jaunbrand and fano again?
by alan April 01, 2005
A device used to counter attack whimsical statements, or Tom Birddus, aka hambule.
Guard the flanks ! Protect the rear ! Launch all stoat !
by Alan March 20, 2005
Something to say when you, or someone you know, has totally exterminated a species.
"All the penguins are dead!"
by Alan January 31, 2005
A store somewhere with an unfortunate name.
Josh took a trip to Badcock and More to see what the hell it is they're selling there.
by Alan June 04, 2004
A frightening creature most frequently used to scare children.
"Eat your carrots or I'll let the groke out again!"
by Alan March 02, 2004

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