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Another trendy word meaning 'cool'
People look upon my duckbillness and say, "Wow, if only I was as duckbill as him"
by Alan April 22, 2005
The girl is on her back with her heels on the back of his neck. He is standing with his arms wrapped around her shoulders. And then she screams "Hucklebuck!"
Christy and I were on the boat labor day weekend at lake Texoma and I introduced her to the Hucklebuck; with some of her friends.
by Alan February 06, 2005
n. - crazy, as in lunatic, missing a few screws,
adj. - anyone who took the short bus to school.

n. -a rock band in los angeles
"You're a looner!"
"Looner rocks!"
by alan November 23, 2003
When somebody sticks there legs over the back of there head and somebody licks there arsehole
by alan August 02, 2003
when a woman puts her fingers between her legs and makes a guy sit on her lap.
give me a dirty santa baby!!!
by Alan September 21, 2003
when a man stratches out his testicle skin and places it over someone face
dude, Ryan just gave Dustin the biggest parachute
by Alan September 29, 2003
One Who Is Really Stupid and Irrational.
Wow Sally! You're Quite Bozark You Stupid Bitch!
by Alan January 11, 2004

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