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A mythical creature which is a cross between a bunny and a donkey.
My wife is a bunkey because she is cute like a bunny, but is stubborn like a donkey.
by Alakeahi April 23, 2013
Whoosh Kitty is a very large cat with the capability of running by you so fast that you cannot see the Kitty, but you will hear the "whoosh" sound as the Whoosh Kitty runs by you.
I am not sure if I saw anything, but I definitely felt the whoosh of something running past me. I wonder if it was a Whoosh Kitty.
by Alakeahi May 31, 2013
Blamed for something that you did not do; you are scaped when you are unwilling placed in the position of a "scapegoat."
My wife scaped me when she accused me of eating one of her bananas and later found out her banana was eaten by her sister.
by Alakeahi April 23, 2013
"DooDoo Spray" is slang for the scented aerosol can kept in the bathroom to combat offensive odors.
I need to run to the store to buy more DooDoo Spray.
by Alakeahi April 25, 2013

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