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A cross of Meow and Yo as a way to say hello. The female yo.
a. Yeow!

b. Yeow!
by Alaina Joyxoxo October 14, 2008
When a Saturday blends in with a Sunday because you have been partying all weekend and haven't gone to bed yet!
I just had a crazy saturdunday!!
by Alaina Joyxoxo October 14, 2008
When you have to fart a decision has to be made. This term stemmed from an all nighter in SF when my friend Melissa had bad gas and said she couldn't help it. I then explained my theory on how a decision must be made. So, if you have to fart you say: I have a decision to make.
a. I need to make a decision.

b. Ewe take your decisions over there!!
by Alaina Joyxoxo October 14, 2008
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