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A term used in Italian-American communites (particularly in the Philadelphia area and eastward) to describe a fat person. Italian-American for "fat-ass."
Hey Joey Bag o' Donuts, how 'bout you put down that cannoli and help me dump this body into the river.
by AlRamMass April 23, 2011
An acronym for the phrase "Double Fuck You Dick Sandwich."

1) As an directed dismissive insult, as one might use "fuck you"
2) As an interjection of distress or dispair
3) In reference to a sexual undertaking involving two males and one female
4) As a menu option at an unsavory dining facility
1) Jon: "Your mother slangs it on the corner on Chester Street."
Jim: "DFYDS!"
2) "Aw DFYDS! I can't believe i got fired again!"
3) "I hear she's down for a DFYDS every now and again..."
4) "I'll have the DFYDS on toasted rye with extra pickles please."
by AlRamMass April 23, 2011

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