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One who incessantly uses the text feature on a cell phone to send text messages to an individual or a group advising the recipient(s) of their most mundane accomplishments.
Dude, Maggie the "serial texter" just sent me a message that she got her haircut; what's next, a text that she just dropped a deuce ?
by AlJP May 30, 2007
Pissed at the world, enraged.
Anne Marie has a Mad On because her boyfriend dumped her (again), she lost her job, and her pet goldfish ran away.
by AlJP May 07, 2007
Pissed at the world, Furious, Angry, Steamed
Anne Marie had a mad-on was dumped by her boyfriend (again), lost her job, and had her purse stolen.
by AlJP May 15, 2007
A person who hikes the waist of their pants above their stomach, usually in a futile attempt to conceal a beer belly.
Dude, look at that "high-waister," his pants are hiked up to his nipples !
by AlJP May 09, 2007

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