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When a person is getting head, and shoves his (or "her" if it is a transsexual) cock deep into someone's mouth, making the person choke and puke, but keeps his cock in place and holds the head-giver's mouth closed, forcing him/her to gag more on the cock/puke. The victim has received a gagnon!
Vincent didn't know what what hit him when the trannie hooker he hired got rough and gagnoned him. Needless to say, the tip doubled...
by Al-el-mexicano September 20, 2008
When a VD spreads and touches your mouth, the blistering pain makes you tell your doctor you think you have a "VG"... Trust me, it ain't fun...
Man 1: Last year, after I banged a cheap hooker bareback and gave her oral, the VD was so severe that I couldn't walk straight and looked like a 15 yr old pizza-face.
Man 2: Hahaha, I remember, you told me you thought you caught a "VG". Pussy...
Man 1: We'll see who'll be laughing when I give you sister an angry pirate!
by Al-el-mexicano September 20, 2008

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