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Extreme sexual act involving three homosexual men (two of which may be already be deceased prior to the act taking place). First, one homosexual defecates in the other two participants mouths before stringing them up from the ceiling by the ankles and decapitating them. He then tries to make love to both severed heads while being showered in the blood of the other two. Bonus points are awarded if he manages to finish before the blood stops spraying out. Not to be confused with the Glasgow Cobbler.
Tiders gave Demps and Gerard the old Banbury Cobbler last night.
by Al-Kai'eran September 24, 2009
Extreme homosexual act originating in Cambuslang, Glasgow whereby one participant (the cannon) grabs his ankles and the other (the coco pop lover) kneels behind him. On the count of three, the cannon forces out the most powerful shart possible while the coco pop lover shouts "SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP". Score is awarded based on how many 'coco pops' make it into the recievers mouth.
Mr McMenemy is hereby charged with the unlawful discharge of a Cambuslang Coco Pop Cannon in the direction of Mr Tiders.
by Al-Kai'eran October 04, 2009

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