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1) An open-face fried egg sandwich, for obvious reasons. 2) A general purpose substitute expression for small inconveniences, used when stronger expletives are inappropriate(ie, 'shit!' or 'goddammit!').
1) (Waitress) "Hey Murray, I need a Number 5 and a Tits On Toast for table three."

2) Aw, tits on toast...my iPod battery died.
by Al Peterson August 05, 2005
Pronounced "Tire-re-ah": A large chuck of dirty ice that has frozen inside the wheel well of your car after a drive through snow or slush. Eventually dropping off like a large turd in your driveway or the street.

Coined in 1987 by a contest caller to WHYN-AM radio in Springfield Mass.
I cant turn my front wheels!

Kick that lump of tirerrhea out of there, ya moron.
by Al Peterson January 18, 2008
Text-message shorthand for "wait and see." Can also be expressed as "w8nc" for phones without alpha keypads.

Variants include "wl-c" for "We'll see".
Text Message #1: "Ofc buzz Andrson fyrd" ("buzz around the office says Anderson has been fired.")

Text Message Reply: "Lets w8&c"
by Al Peterson July 26, 2007
Political expression meaning "Going off to take a dump in a bathroom stall" - usually at a restaurant or bar. So called for the action of closing the little door behind you to do your business - much like the process of voting.

Variations include "Voting for Korn", an explanation of which is not necessary here.
Guy #1 at Bar - "Hey, you leaving?"
Guy #2 - "Naw, just gonna go Vote for Brown. Hold my seat."
by Al Peterson February 26, 2008
Unflattering nickname for a 7-11 taquito; referencing not only its shape, but the unknown composition of the mysterious spicy meat-like contents within.

Not the same as the 7-11 Big Bite, which under certain rare conditions and degrees of desperation, can often prove edible.
"Hang on; I wanna stop in to 7-11 for a Red Bull and a coupla snout sticks."
by Al Peterson August 04, 2007
Phonetic pronunciation of acronym "SHG", or "shaved head and goatee". The reactionary 'non-conformist' male look for the 90s that carries over to today in which, ironically, everyone looks exactly like each other. Backwards baseball cap and ear stud remain optional.
Girl 1: How was the singles night?
Girl 2: Nothing but shugs.
by Al Peterson June 02, 2005

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