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4Chan is, as many would say, the asshole of the internet.

Aside from this, 4Chan is also where every meme ever came from. Many of the things on 4Chan are horrible things (such as goatse). The very few gems that are actually funny make their way to other places on the internet.

This site is home to many Trolls, who use things like goatse and /That Series/ ("Of Warlords and Pleasures"), and other things that cannot be unseen to terrorize other sites through obscene spam. Most of these things are on /b/, which is basically the armory for Trolls. I recommend that, if you feel the urge to visit 4Chan, you leave any religious beliefs, morals and etcetera behind. Also, please make sure there is nothing nearby for you to kill yourself with, becaue you /will/ lose all hope.

Much like the Fight Club, you do not talk about 4Chan. Not ever.
Guy1: What's 4Chan?

Guy2: The asshole of the 'net.

Guy1: What?

Guy2: You really don't want to know, trust me.

Guy1: Yes, I do.

Guy2: Okay then... *brings up 4Chan on laptop*

Guy1: OhmyfuckingGodkillit! No, wait, kill me! There is no hope!
by Al Golston November 19, 2011
The quality of being both fat and lazy. The word was actually invented by a person who was fat and lazy so they could describe themselves with less effort. Often used when declining to do someone else a favor or otherwise perform a task requiring work.
Example 1:

Mother: Derp, go get me the remote!

Derp: Naw, I'm too flazy.

Example 2:

Herp was going to sweep the floor, but decided he was too flazy.
by Al Golston April 30, 2012
A game closely resembling Guitar Hero, released for a variety of systems, most famously Xbox and PS2, which uses controllers shaped like guitars, drums and a microphone.

The game is fun for everyone, but seems to be designed so that actual musicians suck at it. The only places where actual musicians prevail is the expert level on vocals and drums, which, unlike the bass and guitar parts, are quite realistic.

Sometimes, groups of morons will actually come to believe they really can play guitar when they manage "Through Fire and Flames" on expert difficulty. However, this is a rare instance for two reasons. One is that that task is damn near impossible. Two is that most people with an IQ sufficient to play the game are too smart to have that happen to them.

Fortunately, there is a happy medium in both musicians and gamers who can just enjoy it instead of turning it into a retarded debate.
Rock Band is seriously awesome!
by Al Golston November 05, 2011
Any weapon left to you in a will by a relative. Not necessarily a pistol, or even a service weapon, but usually. Generally left with an instruction not to use it for anything retarded. Usually in very good condition.

So named because of the stereotype of a grandfatherleaving his favorite grandson his service pistol.

abbr: GSP
Guy1: Hey, where are you going.

Guy2: Taking Grandpa's Service Pistol to the range...

Guy2: But... that's a shotgun.

Guy1: Yeah, "Grandpa's Servoce Pistol" is just what I call any weaon left to me by a dead family member.
by Al Golston November 20, 2011

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