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2 definitions by AktionT41942

AKA Peugeot, Citroen, and Renault. Gets the name because during the riots in France, they burned cars like firewood.
Everytime there is a riot in France, the supply of French Firewood dwindled, thus, the price skyrocketed.
by AktionT41942 June 22, 2006
Here are some of the dirty details about the ghetto that 20,000 people call home:

1) Most of the kids are in the highschool band.
2) Everyone drives a Hyundai.
3) There are only like 6 black people, and they're doctors.
4) The first/last/only murder to ever occur here was a white guy killing another white guy.
5) Everyone owns their house.
6) Everyone goes to North/South Carolina or Florida for vacation.

As you can see, life is really hard around here.
White Kid: "Yeah, Oswego is so dangerous, I carry a Glock, well, it's not really a Glock, it's a pellet gun that only looks like a Glock, I got it for Yom Kippur."
by AktionT41942 September 17, 2006