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Famous Japanese AV actress born April 4, 1979. She is 156 cm tall and reportedly enjoys snowboarding and karaoke.
"Hey man, where can I download the latest Bunko Kanazawa clips from the internet?"
by Akitschianado July 17, 2005
Voice command used in "Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" to request Field Ops rain death and destruction from above on enemy.
"Incoming!! Call in an airstrike!"
by Akitschianado July 17, 2005
Amphetamine; aka, speed.
"Let's drop by Leo's place and pick up some aimies."
by Akitschianado July 17, 2005
Hybrid of "mall" and "suburbia", hence, a suburb that has grown up around a mall.
"These godamn SUV-driving soccermoms are all in a huff to get back home to their neat little cookie-cutter homes in mallburbia."
by Akitschianado July 17, 2005
{n.} term for a lesbian, usually masculine-looking one.
{adj.} dykey.
"Damn dude, did you know Cookie and Jane are dykes." adj.: "Rog says I'm cute in them, but Bill says I look kinda dykey in these Birkenstoks. What do you think Cookie?"
by Akitschianado July 17, 2005
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