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French expletive, meaning go "fuck yourself".
A: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
B: Va te faire foutre!
by Aki April 14, 2004
It is an adjective that means small and/or miniature in a good or cute way. Normally used to describe (young) people or animals, and is endearing. This word, along with kawaii and several other Japanese words, have been taken by America's "Wapanese" who have gone overboard in accentuating their English speech with Japanese words. "Chibi" was probably first introduced to the West through anime, and probably from the name of Sailor Chibimoon, in Sailor Moon.

Synonym: chiisai
Antonym: ooki
Aa anata wa mada chibi kodomo da na, atoato kitto seijin ni naru yo
by Aki April 14, 2004
Noun. Japanese for "teacher". Can be used as a suffix in names, and can be used for anyone who is knowledgeable or high in profession, eg. doctors.
Satou-sensei, oshiete kurete arigatou gozaimasu. (Mr. Satou, thank you for teaching me)
by Aki April 14, 2004
1. Adjective. Means disturbed, perverted, abnormal.

2. Noun. Hardcore pornography in Japanese animation. Softcore porn would be called "ecchi".
There are anime out there that are hentai.
by Aki April 14, 2004
"a transvestite werewolf; a werewolf that enjoys dressing in drag." noun.
I was attacked by a confused dickenthrope.
by aki December 10, 2004
Adj. Something that is so awesome, it's deserving of the -pw prefix, which can be taken to mean "greatly". Therefore, pwesome means "Greatly awesome."
"That movie was pwesome."
by Aki February 19, 2005
What I'm sending to your house.
Dont open the mail, you american capitalist pig!
by Aki October 09, 2003
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