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Term used by brazillians, which means "Vai se foder" (Fuck You)
Player 1: You are a fucki* asshole!
Br: Vsf...
by Akerbeltz August 25, 2006
Flw is a term used by brazilians which means "Bye"
person: I'm going... Bye...
br: Flw!
person: huh...?
by Akerbeltz September 07, 2006
Term used by brazillians which means "Vai tomar no cú" (means "Fuck You")
player 1: hey you idiot
player 2: what?
player 1: you are a fucking asshole, you son of a *****
player 2: VTNC!
player 1: huh?
by Akerbeltz August 25, 2006
Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off While Watching Tv Eating Popcorn Then Playing CS And Hit U In The Head So I Can Laugh Again!
Person 1: Today i kill my mom...
by Akerbeltz May 16, 2007

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