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when your head hurts
i drank to much last night and woke up with a head ache
by AjuntaPall August 02, 2006
Rash Gordon: When you are walking for a long period of time while haveing you're thighs rubbing together causing sweat dirt and friction to make a very annoying rash that makes you want to stop and let it dry
this mornig I had to walk a mile in the sun to work half way there I met Rash Gordon.
by Ajuntapall August 11, 2008
1:An Exiled Arch Angel that tryed to be Equal to God.
2:The One that cause all the problems in life.
3:Another name for Lucifer.
You Should Belive in the Devil Because He Belives in you.
by AjuntaPall August 02, 2006
The Creator of all existence. me you every thing you see and touch fell see hear and smell.
god is your creator except it.
by AjuntaPall August 02, 2006
It is a word for people that can't get any pussy or dick.
My friend is 300Lbs so she chose to be Abstinence.
by Ajuntapall January 18, 2009

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