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Okay, first of all. Rap is a form of music. Maybe not your taste, but the taste of many individuals.
Personally I like rap, and it is because whenever I hear rock, pop or hip-hop I can't feel anything but disgust. I don't care if they're musicians and doing their job, a shitty person is a shitty person and I'de rather not listen to some drug taking fag thinging his opinions (which are pointless to me).
Tupac was less a musician than an inspiration. His ideals, his life, it had a purpose. He was crying out for his people. What use do yuor idols have except for getting you in the mood?
Don't diss Tupac, cause he was so much stronger than any of your druggie rock musicians. He gave up his addiction. He felt strongly about the situation his people were in, not about saving some mother fucking trees. His philosphy is widely accepted by many. if you can't help your people why try to save some mother fucking trees, or go and try to save Iraq? Without Tupac, you have the ghettos the way they were when he died. If he were still alive today things would be different. He would force the goverments heads down onto the situation.
So shut up, you make me sick. You have no brains, just look at who you are listening to. Look at the person. What are they singing about? Are they being true to themselves? (being real?) I think you'll find that they trully are not, and that you are in fact.... a dipshit, with no brains.
Sure Tupac raped about big ballin' but that was only to get done what had to be done, for his domination over his people. Plus he lived that life, he was forced apon his life, he wasn't about to change, but he would try to change the future.

Dumb, mother fucking red neck, go learn your culture. Look at your fat ass (and your leaders and ideals, how enclosed around you are they?), what a shame you are to culture itself.
I repeat, you make me sick.
Think big, think about life. Learn Philosophy. And you'll see that you are nothing but bile. Go commit suicide, please. Let your family feel releaved.
Tupac was a man, a man with more good in him (more brains in him) than your whole family. I wish that people these days start to grow brains. I mean, how many millenia have to pass for that to happen. Will our race forever be doomed to listen to the crap that comes out of the mouths of all ignorant hill-billies?
by Ajdaha April 28, 2005
A mmorpg game being developed by a small group of people who are doing it in their free time. It has a huge fan base, including me. And when it's ready and big people will start to write about it here, cause its gonna be free to play, unlike all the other shit out there. I just want to be the first.

Also used to describe anything better than runescape.
gangster numero uno - "gangsta' that game is g'd up."
gangster numero doce - "no homes, its not, stop talking like that. But you could say its Planeshift. Because its better than runescape, and rocks our world."
by Ajdaha July 27, 2004

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