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sucks..just sucks..used to play it..now sucks..save yourself...DONT PLAY THIS GAME!!! here are sum reasons y


Well if you are too addicted to this game, you'll spend money for shit..Almost EVERYTHING is for members! New skills-members, new areas-members, new quests-members, strong items-guess?
So dont waste your time or you'll end up wasting your money becoming a member! My friend became a member then he stoped playing 6 days after.

2.) Lagging

Extreme lagging.

3.) Visuals

omg...dont get me started about the graphics, they are so terrible you might have to zoom in 600x just to see your player's eye!! the designs are retarted!!! the sounds are hell..so is the music..

4.) conclusion
Well, just dont start playing this game if you want to live long, people who play runescape live from about birth to about 46 due to
-No fresh air
-Always on the computer

Take advantatge of this warning! Stay safe from runescape and try Endless online! Or even better..WarRock!!
Human:Hey D00d wanna go play basketball?
Runescape addict: naw d00d im gonna play runescape its so gangsta im a lvl 77 and i have a Addy Scimitiar and i payed 563498753409853905389739857$!!!

Human:u suck.
by AjayRaz February 01, 2007

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