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a derogatory term used much like jerk or krej
can be used in the presence of children
a combination of mother and father put together creating mofather
it sounds like mofo but comes from the children's show "Tak and the Power of Juju" so it is a kid friendly insult.
"Omg, you're such a mofather."
"A what?"
"A mofather."
"Dude! There are kids here why would you say that!?"
by Ajan Wok December 28, 2009
Derrived from "Mang"

an alternative way to say "man" or "mang" used by ethnicities other than Hispanic ones, because they feel that they are much cooler than the Mexicans.
Mexican:"Hey Mang."
Asian:"Hey Mango."
Asian:"Yeah it's like mang, but cooler."
by Ajan Wok December 28, 2009

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