2 definitions by Aj632160

Jazz music that is sung, created, produced, or otherwise made by someone who is caucasian. Hence the "blue eyes"
Van Morrison is generally considered a Blue Eyed Jazz musician.
by Aj632160 February 05, 2009
The loose coinage or dollars discovered within the washing machine or clothes dryer by the individual(s) tending the machines and/or laundry. (Money usually originates in the pockets of the clothes atricles being washed).
1. My sister black mailed me into doing her laundry for 2 months but the Washer's fee was grand!

2. "Man I could of swore I had like $5.00 bucks on me but it went missing!" "Bet it became Washer's fee dude."
by AJ632160 September 03, 2009

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