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Someone of african /caribbean origin who is basically NOT chavs but for some reason are always mistaken for them...Often hang around with a crew who have VARIOUS different names such as lady.(name), princess.(name), younger.(name), tiny.(name)...etc.
People don't seem to grasp the concept that chavs and Rude boy/Rude Girl are completely different. For starters, chavs are of english origin and tend to be greasy, wearing nike/adidas tracksuits and spending their time loitering at Mcdonalds, sitting at bus stops, 'getting pissed' and sporting the latest fake fashion design (usually the classic burberry or the good old fake gucci sling bag). Most chavs tend to cause trouble with other groups such as grungers, greebos, emos...etc.They also tend to have graffs and crews just like rudeboys and girls but if a group of chavs saw a group of rude boys, they would run a mile.Rudeboys are often known as 'hoodrats' or 'hoodlums'. They also loiter the street, but this tends to be at the local shopping centre. If a bunch of chavs are sitting at the back of the bus and see a group of rude boys they WOULD get up.Hoodrats are not greasy, do not use all the same slang as chavs e.g minger...etc and do not wear the same clothes. Ive never seen a rude boy in burberry.
by Aisleyn June 10, 2006

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