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The human version of My Little Pony, in which Sunset Shimmer steals Twilight Sparkle's element:Magic.

Twilight steps through a mirror after her crown, which had thwacked human Fluttershy in the head, who thought was the festival crown for the school.

Twilight turns to a human, and meets the Mane 6 again.

At the end, the usual rainbow shoots up and covers Sunset Shimmer, who had transformed to a demon.

Some bronies hold protest to EG, as it was too different.

There is also a real life version of a song in EG, called the EG stomp.
EG Hater Bronie: Equestria Girls is ABSURD!

EG Lover Bronie: No way! It's so cool!


Twilight: PINKIE PIE?!
by AishaElementalDash October 13, 2013

It's the once-powerful mage of Elrios.

Three paths:
The light path. High Mage to Elemental Master, the most hard working and the most magical.
The dark path. Dark Mage to Void Princess, who hates Angkor because he gave her revealing clothes.

The Newbie's path. Battle Mage to Dimension Witch. An excuse for a mage.
High Mage:Scaredy Cat! Scaredy Cat! (she makes cat ears so it has that impression on me)
Dark Mage: Can't beat me~
Battle Mage:Prepare to meet magical girl Aisha! (She actually says that)
Elemental Master:*closes book and a trail of magic ice specks appear* Don't go too hard on me...
Void Princess: Come on!
Dimension Witch: Same as BM lol...
Base Aisha: Hahaha! You don't have a chance!
by AishaElementalDash November 07, 2013

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