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11 definitions by Airrider

An air combat term for losing a pursuer in such a way that the attacker is killed by crashing in an attempt to keep following the defender.
When a fighter has been in production for long enough, you can bet its record will include at least one maneuver kill.
by Airrider October 10, 2009
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An auto racing term borrowed from air combat terminology, used to describe a battle between two or more drivers that involves a lot of overtaking and changing of position.
Did you see that last lap between Hamilton, Button and Massa? Now that was a dogfight!
by Airrider October 10, 2009
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A piece of automotive bodywork that is meant to deliver downforce by channeling air under the car, especially under the midsection and rear, so that it creates a low-pressure system under the car which sucks the vehicle to the ground. This increases traction and stability at high speeds.

These are especially prevalent on high-performance sports cars, supercars and most racing cars when putting spoilers that create similar downforce would just cause too much drag.
If you don't see a big tailwing on the back of a modern supercar, look at the tail for a diffuser.

The double-deck diffusers used by a few teams caused a scandal in Formula One over the 2009 season.
by Airrider October 10, 2009
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A suffix added to boat configuration names which denotes how many hulls a boat has, especially three or more.

E.G. a boat with three hulls is a trimaran, a boat with four hulls is a quadrimaran, and so forth.

The advantage to multiple hulls are largely twofold: first, for roll stability and second, for making sharper hulls that more efficiently cut through the water, decreasing drag.
Does anybody think V-hulls are cool anymore? All I see now are whatever-marans with, like, two or three hulls out there now.
by Airrider October 10, 2009
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