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Are you serious?? There isn't a definition for this? Well anyway, Monster House is about this hot kid named DJ, his friend Chowder, and this ugly red/orange headed slut named Jenny. They go into this house where this old guy named Nebercrack (sp?) used to live, but DJ killed him trying to get Chowder's basketball back. Apparently, the house is alive and it eats all these kids toys. So DJ, Chowder and sluttie go in there and try to kill the house by getting to the heart. They find out that the house is Nebercracker's wife named Constance who used to be a fatty fat fatso in the circus, but he saved her. People were mean to her because she was a fatty fat fatso, so she was angry at kids and ate their toys when she turned into a house. One of my favorite movies!
Me - "Can you believe there isn't a definition for Monster House on Urban Dictionary?!?"

Megan - "No, are you serious??"

Me - "Yeah!! Imma go make one right now!'
by Airren January 28, 2010
Usually a term used when the person has tried so hard to forget something and someone else (usually a friend) states the obvious in order to jog your memory in case you have (luckily) forgotten such a bad event/memory.
*Girl is hopelessly in love with a guy named, hmm, Stephen*

Girl: "Huh, look at that angel over there, I have been crushing on him since 6th grade. It isn't a crush anymore, I think I truely love him.

Girl's friend: Umm, he goes out with a-MAN-duh. (amanda)

Girl: Ugh, Don't remind me.
by Airren March 25, 2010
When you see something of such astonishing brillance, that one word will not describe what you have just experineced. Therefore, two more words are added, and you get Crazy-Sexy-Cool. This is also known as the Untimate Combo. Can be used to describe any noun, but nothing about the object your are describing can be typical, or it's not Crazy-Sexy-Cool.
*Hottest girl walks by*

Alex- Did you see her?!?!?!?
Jon- Yeah, what was that??
Aaron- That is what you call crazy-sexy-cool my friends. Look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by Airren February 03, 2010
An acronym that stands for black, ugly and short.
*example for bus*

Cynthia - "Stephen come over here, we need to tell you something"

Arun - "You're going to tell him about Alex, right?"

Arun & Cynthia - "Alex thinks your hot!!!"

Stephen- "Huh, Alexandria, first of all she's black, I don't date black girls......

Cynthia - "But you're black!!!"

Stephen (cont.) - "second of all she's ugly, third of all she's short..... ew!" *Walks away*

*Cynthia and Arun shocked*

Arun "Damn, he just bussed her ass."
by Airren January 13, 2010
An good show, if you actually took the time to WATCH IT. I mean, sure I miss 'Hey Arnold', 'Roco's Modern Life' and all the other good old shows, but I think it's time to accept that Nickelodean has developed into something new, more mainstream.Oh and by the way, I hate all the other shows on Nick besides Spongebob, esp. iCarly. Anyway, It's a good show about 4 boys who are hockey players from Minnesota, and they finally get a chance to form a band and hopefully become famous. I think it has a good message and I love the songs, even though they might be a bit gay. I thought it was going to be a retarded show too, I'm going to be honest. Everytime I saw the commericial I was so annoyed, but then I watched it with my little sister and I like it. (Cartoon Network still owns though.)
Jim: Did you see that new gay show on Nick "Big Time Rush"??? I miss the old shows.....
Jon: No, I don't spend my time watching kid shows so I can post a bad definition about them on Urban Dictionary.
Jim: Uhh..... I don't do that.....
Jon: Yeah grow. up Jim.
by Airren February 11, 2010

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