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When the penis misses the vagina completely and goes full force into the taint. The resulting force causes a severe bend or flex in the erect penis resulting in pain and discomfort to the penis and sometimes the taint region.
I was bangin your mom super hard from behind, she was really liking it. She started bucking around and I tried to slam it in there hard and got a severe sploink that pretty much put me out of commission for an hour or so.
by Airgazim August 27, 2007
While having sex, the penis does not make a clean entry into the vagina and gets bent or flexed. A spulge is usually just an inconvenience not associated with any long lasting discomfort. In rare cases, a spulge can escalate into a Sploink.
our mom was reverse cowboy'n me hard when I had a spulge due to her big round ass slapping up and down with reckless abandon.
by Airgazim August 27, 2007
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