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1 definition by Airforcestud

The single-most feared asset of the DoD. The Air Force has single-handedly won wars (Bosnia, Kosovo), ended wars (WW2, Vietnam), and prevented all-out wars (OIF, Desert Storm). No other branch can claim "Dominance" like the USAF. The USAF has not lost an aircraft to enemy counterparts since the 1970's. The US Navy does not have "Water Dominance" nor does the Army have "Land Dominance". However, the USAF has AIR DOMINANCE. We not only deliver Precision Guided Missiles, but we do it better than anyone. We have the best people, the best assets, and the best track record of any branch in the DoD. People are leaving the Army and Navy to join the Air Force. The Air Force is having to kick people out because everyone wants in and there is no more room. Yes, we may have A/C in our tents. So what? Do not tell me that you would prefer your tent to be 130 degrees as opposed to a nice cool 73. Never forget who softened up the Iraqi Republican Guard. Never forget who enticed the surrender of the Iraqi Army before the war even started. And, never forget who you call when you are in trouble. AIR POWER!
*Insert other branch here* Troop: Man, I wish I had a A/C unit in MY tent!

*Insert other branch here* Troop: Shit! Enemy contact! Call for Close Air Support!

*Insert other branch here* Troop: I should have joined the Air Force instead of the *insert other branch here again
by Airforcestud June 27, 2007