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A wife who manipulates favors, chores,home projects, or gifts from her husband in exchange for sexual favors.
"What's the prostiwife giving you for that new bedroom set" -or- "Whats the new house going to cost your prostiwife"
An adjective used to describe a simpleton who thinks like Archie Bunker, but talks like a mentally challenged Sylvester Stallone with a South Side of Chicago accent.
To Tumanize is to obliterate the English language.
Yo Edith, make me some chink food, da meathead ate all da sausage again. "Oh Archie must you Tumanize in the house".
A word used to describe a person who fails to pay attention to "VERY IMPORTANT" details.
The aircraft mechanics were assigned to drive a specific aircraft from the hangar to the terminal, however failing to coordinate the very large numbers on the side of the aircraft with the logbook in hand they delivered the wrong airplane to the gate. "Both were a couple of FRONKS".
The patient required a left leg amputation, however the surgeon was a "FRONK" and removed the right leg.

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