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3 definitions by Ainrana

'Sperg' is both a verb and a noun. It's almost always used for Internet purposes, and to sum up, it pretty much means a person with Aspeger's (or perceived to have it) that gets so dramatically passionate about a subject to the point where it's greatly aggravating to everyone else.
Some people find it offensive, others think it's the perfect term to describe their Asperger's. It'll all a matter of preference.
Dude, are you seriously going to point out every last difference/downgrade with the newer Transformers cartoon? Man, you're such a sperg!

Don't even mention Optimus Prime to Robert; he'll sperg out and will drone on about the history of his design for three hours.
by Ainrana September 19, 2013
A pen name that directors use when they want to disown a movie they made. Can also be used for when someone is so ashamed of something they did.
Twilight was not directed by Alan Smithee. What a surprise.
by Ainrana February 05, 2012
Someone who is opposed to PDA, nudity and the like, as well as having many old-fashioned ideas and views and dressing up in Victorian style clothes.
Named after a character in The Sims franchise with the same mannerisms.
Mrs. Crumplebottom totally interrupted our date and hit me with her purse!
by Ainrana December 18, 2011