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Osteen, otherwise known as "O-Town" or the "Big O", is filled with rednecks, crackhouses and cows. This is perhaps one of the most worthless cities in Florida. There is a variety of things to do: from goin to the "Pit"(a local hangout for the rednecks and sometimes ricans that wanna-be rednecks) to gettin drunk out in the field (cow pastures/ backyard) to "muddin" and "4 wheelin" to pickin up the prostitutes on maytown and much more. If you want some drugs just go right on down 4-15. However after a late night of gettin fucked up a nice hangover remedie is the Osteen Diner. Be careful of the dog-food aisle at walmart in the wee hours of the morning because of on going fights between the "bloods" and the "crips". it gets pretty dangerous. Also you will never pass the "Handyway" without seeing atleast two 15ft lifted trucks.

Osteen = Florida's shithole.

"Hey you goin to the Osteen tonight?"
"Nah man im black. I'll get hung out there"

by AimeeMessup January 21, 2009

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