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Slang term for any number of crotch rotting diseases.
FUCK! I gots me the naaaastiest muthfukin case of UNCLE JOEY, yo!
by Aiko Oyama Ayers January 24, 2003
1) Something that is hard to get rid of or is very tough. Resilient, durable, hardy or strong. Difficult to kill.

2) Legendary spirit of death and primary afflicted of THE CURSE. A boogieman or monster. Also often related to deaths against those that have spoken ill against THE OPERA, THE REDEEMED ASSASSINS, THE REDEEMED FANS, and/or CHEEZE. SEE DRAGONS.
1) Dude, this board is too fricken TATSU. It ain't breaking.

2) Man you better not speak no crap against The Opera or TATSU will get you
by Aiko Oyama Ayers January 24, 2003
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