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This word is derived from the element caesium and can be used in many ways on the streets of Britain. It was first used as a command, similar to the word "stop" but is now also used as the noun "leave". This word is only used in small communities and is not widely known, but at least now if you encounter it you will know what it means
Ceeze! (stop that right now)
Oi ceeze out (leave it mate, allow)
Ceeze me that shooter (give me your gun)
Ceeze mate, you alright (hi)
by Aii impot January 15, 2007
A banging party, possibly involving drugs and alcohol, usually done without the knowledge of parents; a wanger-out means that a wanger was "crashed" by the police.
what a wanger last night blud (what a great party last night, mate)

wanger-out but we still had a laugh (police interfered in a party going out of control)
by Aii impot January 15, 2007
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