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24/7 drug dealer. I believe the term was coined by the movie/book "Clockers"
Don't go too close to that bench, those guys are clockers.
by Aiek October 17, 2003
Commonly used "anime smiley" online.
Means one is upset, or angry.
<Aiek> >_< Hello again.
by Aiek April 27, 2003
See skwee
<Aiek> y0.
<lam3r_h0> fwee! Sup Aiek?!
by Aiek April 01, 2003
deurogotory name for "Mustang"
Commonly used by riceboys, or anyone who likes imports.
Me: What the fuck you doing in that rustang?!
Poor bastard in Ford: I couldn't afford a nice import!
by Aiek April 27, 2003

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