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Being a mistress, or just a girlfriend on the side.
"My God, after sexing Mandy, Jake went home to his wife; Guess she's his new sideline ho."
by Aidenne February 20, 2007
Leading risque lady in the futuristic anime "Cowboy Bebob".

Hey! Did you see the new CB episode, Faye Valentine is shit hot.
by Aidenne July 27, 2006
Heels so high, possibility of death is thought of.
"Have you heard about Tawny's new suicide heels? They're like 7 inches... I heard they're great to strip in!"
by Aidenne April 12, 2006
A fresh, stylish unique girl with a swagger all her own.

Also a song by the indie/electronic group, Hey Champ!
"When Aidenne donned those red & blue pumps the other day with that white "Trigun" dress, she personified the definition of a cold dust girl.
by Aidenne October 22, 2008
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