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1 definition by Aiden248

Acton is a town that shares its high school with the lesser known town of Boxborough, who get asked if they really have street lights. This town is thought to be extremely rich, and have the best high school sports. The latter may be true, but many families are not as rich as people assume.
Also, the town has no money after building a new library several years ago, renovating the JR. high, and now completing the renovations of the high school, setting them back god knows how many millions. There is an urban legend that some girls cut their toes to take crack, which is very plausable. Each year the freshman class gets sluttier and sluttier to the point where a 14 year old girl is unrecognizable. The great hangout in Acon is Bickfords restaurant on route 2A, also the late night event of everyones week. The sketchy drug dealing hangout is the Acton Bowladrome where stuff goes down unnoticed. Be sure to stop by the many Dunkin Donuts where the primary language is portuguese.
'can i have a mocha latte?' 'creamnshugahh'? 'umm, no well yes, umm cream and sugar please'
by Aiden248 March 20, 2005