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Used as a replacment for "is". Poeple use it to mock chavs or act cool in a sarcastic manner.
1.I iz cool lyke innit.
2.iz you messing with me?
3.I iz cool.
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005
It means when a girl is turned on by somthing and it makes her "wet"(produce a natural lubracation from her vagina ready for sexual intercourse)
katie: i love it when they wink like that!
Peter: Whatever wets your harbour...
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005
a really tiny version of the gameboy advance, Thus another way for nintendo to make money by releasing somthing that can do the same as the gameboy advance and gameboy SP. But people will still go out and buy it anyway.
jim: cool the gameboy micro! i gotta get it even tho i do own both Gameboy advance and Gamboy advance SP...
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005
abbreviation for "In My Very Own Honest Opinion" used in chatrooms and is used usualy by people who like to over use abbreviations and is darived from the other abbriviations "IMO" and "TBH".
thats a really dumb thing to say! IMVOHO
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005
It is used by people who arn't sure on how to start a convo so will say "sup" instead. It is also an abbreviation of the phrase "what's up?". When someone says "sup" it is often a retorical question and is followed by either no answer at all or a stupid answer such as "the sky".
*Dude101 enters the room*
Dude101: Sup people?
chatter:the moon
Dude101: lol

jake: sup man?
bob: not alot.
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005
This was once used as a compliment to a person of how random they can be. In chatrooms often you get a rondomer who will say the most random thing possible to get noticed.
Randomer:I love to cook pie on my dogs fart vapour
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005

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