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Raining heavily, used in Northern Ireland
Take your brolly, its teaming out there
by AidanG August 28, 2005
Usually used in the past tense as an adjective. State of being embarassed by your own actions, perhaps by a sly plan that backfired, hoisted by your own petard.
Used in Northern Ireland. Not to be confused with the Sxcttish Scunnert
Sure he thought he was pulling a fast one but now he's the one thats totally scundered.
by AidanG August 11, 2005
Scunder is a word used in Northern Ireland. It is usually used in the past tense 'scundered' as an adjective, although similar in sound to the Scottish 'scunnert' it has its own specific meanning. A neat little phrase sums it up, 'hoisted by your own petard' It is often a personal retort, "That's you totally scundered", perhaps by some sly plan that has backfired.
He though he was being the smart one but now it's him that's totally scundered!
by AidanG August 11, 2005
To brew tea, Northern Ireland
Is that pot of tea wet yet?
by AidanG August 28, 2005
Bold in the sense of bad. Edgy and difficult, bad. Used in Northern Ireland
That wee boy is just mustard.
by AidanG August 28, 2005
Hoisted by your own petard
You though you were smart, didn't you? Well, thats you totally scundered!
by Aidang June 03, 2005
Northern Irish term for tired out, knackered.
I've been going since dawn and I'm foundered
by AidanG August 28, 2005

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