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To have many expensive items on your avatar.
Your avatar is walking around Gaiaonline proud with rare items.
Toon1: Sweet avi!
Toon2: He is Pixel Rich. Must have lots of credits.
by Aiai October 06, 2007
In the World of Warcraft BG is the abbreviation for Battleground namely Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley and The Eye of the Storm.
We got pwned by the premade hordes in BG.
by Aiai September 11, 2007
In the WoW (World of Warcraft) Twinks are alts (alternative characters) level 19 or 29 made by high level players with the assistance of high level friends to own at BGs (Battleground). They run instances and quests to acquire blue or green items with maximum stats they can have on the level cap.
Twinks also gather blue gears from AH (auction house) that are random world drops and get a high level enchants on the weapon such as "Crusader" or "Enchant Weapon - Agility" and other gear enchantments.
Zomg! That lvl 1 twink rog just pwned a lvl 10 warr XD
by Aiai September 11, 2007

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