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Linked to the word weg, a person who has just been wegged and now has the swimming trunks on their head
"Haha I've just wegged that guy, now he is a weghead haha"
by Ahmed Jalilly April 23, 2008
A fight between two or more homosexual people, in a park or some other outdoor area
Raz and Jonny were heading down to the park to get pissed and have a quobble with some fellow homosexuals
by Ahmed Jalilly April 23, 2008
The motion of trying to have a piss whilst you have an erection.
"Man, I was unable to have a piss earlier cos of my big boner, I had to take a wiss instead"
by Ahmed Jalilly April 23, 2008
Getting nailed on the head by a pair of wet and used swimming trunks
"I'm gunna weg that guy on the head later, he has well pissed me off, grrrr"
by Ahmed Jalilly April 23, 2008

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