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The term used when there is nothing to talk about, or to say goodbye. It is also known as eggs. You may use it in place of someones name, or to get someones attention. There is no wrong way to use baid. All ways are correct even the statement baid burger.

For people who dont know who created baid, it has been created and passed along by Ahmad, rabia, 50, and faris daski aka fee.
Others spread the word to others we encourage you to do the same.

Nassar: Baid(in place of rabias name), are you going to the game.

Rabia: I dont know ill see.

Nassar: Stop being bazle( if you dont know what this is look it up.)

Rabia: Baid ( in place of bye.)

Nassar: Baid
by Ahmad Nassar October 25, 2007

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