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California was one of the best place in America, if not the world, still is. Ever since Grey Davis was in, he had approved abundant of funding that were what lead us to here today. We got used to the huge amount of funding from the state, and hereafter we do not wish to lose them. With the enormous amount of debts that California is finally in, we still would not like to have some of the funding to be cut and taxes not to be raised.

Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot be judged for not doing anything. He had no choice but to cut funding to make up the small proportions of the debts that we owe. Most of the Californians do not wish to have the taxes increase and eliminate some of the funding; the people in the Sacramento will not be able to do anything.

California once again become proper and free of debt. Good luck to the troops in oversea. George W. Bush needs to start thinking of a way to help United States than sending our beloved troops out to save other lives. God blesses America and the World.
Steven: There is still hope for California.
Keith: I love California, the beaches, etc.
Arnold: We are in serious trouble...no raising taxes, no cutting funding. What the hell am I suppose to do?
Davis: Keep passing the bills!
G Bush: Next up on, Canada. Oh wait...shhh....
by Ahkihiro January 01, 2006

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