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When a girl called Saffron is realy cool, and everone thinks shes amazing.
"Wow! Look over there"
"Oh wow"
"Shes a proper Assfrown"
#saffron #assfrown #ass #frown #amazing #person
by AhMazIngNess March 09, 2009
When a scenester takes it too far with the big colourful hair and hello kitty.
When a scene wanna be try realy hard to be scene but looks like a total idiot.
Ellie: Wooah! Look at that scene kid over there.
Saffron: Eew.
Ellie: What exsceneism
#scenester #scene #hello kitty #hair #exscene
by AhMazIngNess March 10, 2009
Created by the ancient Romans Hshurp is a commen household word that has not been accepted into the dictionary as the other words are racist thugs and wanted to use a butt plug on them.
Thats right kids. Butt plug.

A Hshurp is two things.
1- A gay Jew
2- A male mothers womb
Example 1.
Jewish person two: What a hshrup

Example 2.
Person one: Hey, so i heard tony is having another kid...
Person two: so, does he a have a hshurp or something?
#hshrup #romans #jew #womb #male
by AhMazIngNess December 07, 2009
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