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One of the most irritating female performance groups to ever get airtime. The lyrical content of the songs is mainly pointless and idiotic, usually centering around the same thing every single time (about how "freaky" they are, or something similar.) As opposed to the person in the above post, anyone who doesn't think that they're sluts needs to get glasses, and actually read the lyrics.
According to one of the above posts, The Pussycat Dolls aren't sluts, and anyone who thinks so is an idiot. The song "Don Cha" is about them being flirts, and the song "Buttons" is about someone taking off their shirts. But hey, they're not sluts.
by Ah-dum August 20, 2006
A firecracker that's about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide and makes an incredibly loud explosion. Usually used to blow up fruits, pumpkins on halloween, mailboxes, and other items that happen to be outside.
I lit off a stick of german dynamite earlier today. I couldn't hear out my left ear for close to a minute.
by Ah-dum September 20, 2006

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