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How you arrive at a certain webpage, similar to train of thought, but following hyperlinks, such as through wikipedia.
How did you get from terminator to battle angel alita? What was your train of links?
by Agouti23 September 06, 2010
very curious, an intense desire for understanding and knowledge
I was verious about what she looked like.
by Agouti23 November 12, 2010
Somebody that pretends to know something, but actually just googled it while you're talking to them on the phone.
I thought Jimmy was so smart, but he's just a lame googlefag.
by Agouti23 November 25, 2010
A single woman looking for a man to help raise her kid.

Much like how a cowbird lays the egg in the nest of another bird, and those birds will raise the cowbird.
So I met this chick and took her out, but after talking to her, realized she was a cowbird.
by Agouti23 December 10, 2010
The practice of a chiropractor.
John's chiropracty is very successful.
by Agouti23 April 09, 2011

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