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Interviewer: Dick Cheney, do you wear boxers, or briefs?
Dick Cheney: Depends.
by Agnos Morehead August 05, 2006
Religion based on PROVABLE reality. Based on the scientifically proven laws of nature. Based on statistical likiehood.
I avoid certain things, not because of the threat of Hell, or the promise of Heaven, but to avoid prison, bad health, or the risk of serious injury or death. Emotional health and good relationships are also EXTREMELY important. This is Realitarianism.
by Agnos Morehead July 28, 2006
Slang name for anal sex or a man who enjoys it.
Why are you looking for a Peter Buttram?
by Agnos Morehead August 05, 2006
Your uncle's young wife, or mother's younger friend who is always trying to fuck you. Not to be confused with antifungal football spray.
Auntie Fun Gal came over to see my mother. When I told her my mother wasn't home, she sucked my cock instead!
by Agnos MoreHead December 22, 2006
Religion based on science.
Many fundamentalist Christians tell me that the world is six thousand years old. They say the Bible says so, indirectly, and they show this by comparing genealogies from Adam to Jesus. These add up to 4,000 years, and Jesus was born 2,000 years ago. I do NOT believe this because SCIENCE says otherwise.

by Agnos Morehead August 05, 2006
MONKY, Adjective: to be monk-like. Also: celibate. Not to be confused with "monkey" (a small to medium sized primate).
DEVOUT CATHOLIC: I really want to be a priest.

BISHOP: Are you monky enough?
by Agnos Morehead August 05, 2006
A man who enjoys having his dick sucked more than any and all other forms of sex.
Dan is a juicebox, so he was really depressed when he was with Lisa, because all she ever wanted to do was fuck. Now Dan is with Lyla, and everyone knows that Lyla is a super cumpire!
by Agnos Morehead August 05, 2006

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