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2 definitions by AgnoMan

Description: We all know a girl could have sex with many men, but not know what an orgasm feels like yet. Thus, mighty civilian sexologist have come to a conclusion, your virgigasm.. defined below..

Definition: A virgigasm is your first orgasm, however, but certain standards, you do not have to be a virgin to achieve the loss of your virgigasm.
"Last night was awesome, that girl has been fucked 5 times, but dude, I gave her her first orgasm."

"Yeah, it feels good to take a girl's virgigasm."
by Agnoman June 18, 2009
Description - Deusch is a slang form of the word douche, and contrary to belief, it is a correct spelling do to the difference of context, and considering it is not literal, it is slang.

In comparison..

Deusch - A pathetic annoying jerk. Someone commonly obnoxious without reason, or extremely arrogant and selfish.

Douche - A chemical based cleaner for a vagina.
Dave: "Damn, did you hear that John's sister got fired cause she wouldn't give her boss a blowjob? He's such a deusch."

Dave's Friend: "Nope, but I do know I walked in on John's sister cleaning her vagina with a bag of douche."
by AgnoMan July 18, 2009