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A disgusting, blob-like creature that is formed from pure, concentrated cancer.

It's mating call resembles the sound of someone puking.
Jaypurs, that caffers is really fucking disgusting.
by Agnew March 23, 2005
See Stonecypher
Stonecyphering is a common form of entertainment and serves as a means of gaining status while in prison.
by agnew April 19, 2004
A place in which criminals are kept. While there, prisoners either are stonecyphered, or stonecypher others.
While in prison, Muffin made me his Joel and stonecyphered me.
by agnew April 19, 2004
1)The act of anal rape 2)A carbonated beverage
1)During his morning shower, as Brian picked up the soap, Marcus, against his wishes began to stonecypher him. 2)Man, I'd love to have a tasty orange stonecypher.
by Agnew March 17, 2003

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