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The seal around the opening of an unopened container that lets you know that no one has been in there yet.
This mayonaise hasn't been tampered with, the packaging hymen is still intact
by Agit8r February 26, 2010
Overtanned too-skinny chicks whose sexual orientation is ostensibly limited to guys who own/lease/borrow daddy's sleek power boat and penis-size compensating skyed 4x4 pickup truck to tow it.
On that hot July weekend, Coulee City was rife with Boat-sluts
by Agit8r July 05, 2009
A country that is controlled solely by money, esp. one whose economy is based on servicing international capital, and whose government is repetitively involved in bailing out banks
After the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed and banks were allowed to become too big to fail, America's transition to Lettuce Republic was complete
by Agit8r August 02, 2011
Describing items or places (esp. in the workplace) that almost everyone rationally or irrationally avoids (i.e. the anthrax restroom, the anthax refrigerator, etc)
"That's the anthrax (adj.) microwave. Nobody uses it because it smells like burnt tuna"
by Agit8r May 13, 2010

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