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texas A&M
students who attend this school are known as aggies
aggie are often the but of many cruel (yet often true) jokes directed to make fun of their obvious stupidity
person 1:"Did you know that a few guys from Texas A&M died last weekend?"

person 2:"NO! really?"

person 1:"yeah, they were coming home from a party in a truck. there were two kids in the front and three in the bed."

person 2:"Oh, then what happened?"

person 1:"well they were on a bridge and the driver lost control and the truck went off the side and down into the river."

person 2:"oh geez, who died?"

person 1:"well, the two guys in the cab got out okay, but the three guys in the back just couldnt get the tail gate down....."
by AggieKILLER March 23, 2007

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